What about SULFITES GEAR in 2019 ?

I finished 2018 with 828 products sold. Orders on the e-shop are closed. It has been an incredible year with my development in Japan where Sulfites products can be found in BEAVER and BEAMS stores. They can also be found in some independent shops or even the giant Zozotown. I couldn’t be more grateful for this first year of presence in Japan as it has always been a objective for me.

So what’s next ? I’m gonna keep working on the japanese side of Sulfites and offer new products for 2019, bringing technical fabrics to urban lifestyle. On the European side, production for artists will continue, some is already planned for early 2019 and I hope I can head toward more collaboration and co-branding.

As you can see, I'm updating the website. I am back wit the most basic template and will offer more unique models. Most of the 2018 products designs will disappear and only the products in stock will be available.

Thanks a lot. Anthony