Sulfites' approach is based on the research of the materials, the construction of the product, and its functionalities. Sulfites is a word that came up in a talk with friends. Why ? None of us can remember. I choose to stick with it for years as a nickname before it became the brand I wanted to build around the gear I make. I opened an online store to sell technical fabrics and was asked to create a lot of gear for bikepacking : framebags, saddle bags, top tube pouches… When I realized I spent more time sewing than selling raw fabrics, I decided to make the change. Today, I want to design simple gear for the everyday life. With a focus on quality, I use technical materials and try to offer something different with colours and personalization. 


My name is Anthony and I am based in Lille, France.


Search. Divert. Design. Select.
Some materials. Some trans.
Translucent. Transparent. Phosphorescent. Hybrid. Efficient.
Cut. Articulate. Assemble. Sew. Weld.
Understand. Correct. Restart. Reinterpret.
Cut again. Articulate better. Adjust the details.
Go Out.