Ripstop Dyneema Pouch


This Large Dyneema Ripstop pouch is perfect to be used as a everyday carry pouch. It is your best companion to keep your cables, pens, notebook and powerbank in a single place.

The medium pouch is perfect to be used as a wallet. It can contain old paper driver licence, passport, and french ID.

The mmall pouch is perfect to be used as a coin purse. It can also contain regular credit cards.

If you want specific color for the details, please mention it.

- Dyneema /Nylon Ripstop fabric DDRW0047 
- Water-repellant Zipper 
- 550 paracord puller / phosphorescent 
- 8 x 10 cm / 12 x 15 cm / 17 x 23 cm
- 13/17/25gr


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Ripstop Dyneema
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